Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's the 'Raya Routine' that i miss ~ ;-)

It's the last day of Ramadhan. It is such a sad moment that Ramadhan is leaving us so soon. Can't believe how fast time flies. I've set in mind earlier that i'd like to post something before i actually go off for Hari Raya leave.

This year its gonna be different, we going to celebrate this festive with two new members in the family, El, my sister in law and my beautiful niece, Qaseh. I'm glad and proud to be born as Kelantanese. knowing that the celebration there will be as joyful as always, the traditions have never faded. I'd like to share with all of you on how raya actually went for our family..

Malam raya, would be the most awaited moment. On that night alone, most of my uncles and aunties from various states will arrive, and all the couzies will be busy playing with the firecrackers. And malam tu jugak lah, baru la my mom, my aunts, kalut2 nak kemas rumah..nak ambik baju raya from tailor.. hi hi, i miss those moment. and yang paling my mom marah, if on that night itself, me and my cousin mirna baru nak start buat kuih raya. (cornflake madu je, picked the easiest one) kah kah kah. It has always been a trend, that we will sleep close to 5 am on malam raya. biasa lah, bila jumpa all the relatives, kelab ketupat will be officially launched again :p

Next day, the most peaceful morning, each of us would be awaken around approximately 7 am, by the sound of banging on our door. That would be our beloved father,a.ka Tn Haji (;p) waking us up for Solat Hari Raya and the trend has been like that since I was little kid, i guess. hi hi. The advantage would be to those yang uzur, hehe, tak payah siap cepat2..

Our open house will be held on the third day. My mom would prepare her best dish for the open house, and on this particular event itself, i think i can gain more than 2 kgs immediately. yang kena ambik herbalife balik ni. and the fourth day would be filled by visiting uncles, relatives's house etc. time ni makan giler banyak lagi..adoiii...

Well, let's see if this routine is gonna be repeated this year. I'll tell you once this week is over, k ;-)

I am actually writing this post in conjuction with reminiscing our late datuk and nenek, my late uncles (dad's side), Muhaimi Abas, Mohd Khairuddin Ab Rahman as well as my late uncle and his wife (mum's side), Azlan Shah Mamat and Siti Hasmah who have left us for the past few years. Your absence in this world are truly felt by all of us. Your soul are still warm in our heart and will always be, especially during this blessed Syawal, and we shall never forget you..May Allah bless you and rest in peace.

To the rest, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and saya nak mintak maaf banyak2 andai kata ada salah dan silap, humans are not perfect, we can't run away from mistakes. So, 0-0 lah yer ;-)


AT said...

Though they are not physically presence, the spirit will always be there to share the joy and happiness.. :)

nieja said...

slamat ari raya..

Miss Ilah said...

AT : thanks so much ;-)

nieja: bereh gu.

IkraamTorres said...

SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa AiDiLFiTRi
MaaF ZaHiR BaTiN