Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remembering the good ol' days

Dear Diary,

I went back to my lovely hometown last weekends. It was a very stress-reliever trip i believe, having said that it has been 3 months since the last time i went back , plus all the amount of great food waiting for me. U know how much i love Kelantanese food. Kelantanese blood still flowing strong in my body ok :P

My flight was on Friday night 10.30 pm. Me, Mimie and Irvan boarded the flight around 9.50 and arrived in great land of Kelantan around 11.30++. By the time we arrived pon, Mummy dah brought us to kedai ikan bakar. How lovely kan? All the family members including aunties, uncles and couzies were there. and that night alone i missed my sahur!

The Buka Puasa gathering went on as usual.kecoh and it was really memorable. u know everytime Ramadhan, those are the things that you gonna miss. Ok, thats not the main point of this post.

My brother already told me before that they have found one treasure while they were doing our house renovation during Et's wedding.

They have found my diary!! Diary that ive written since like Form 1 until my 2nd year in UTP. Oh u know what. It was so embarrasing. Actually the diary was supposed to be locked. But you'll have to consider that it has been like what..more than 10 years. of course it was not in good shape.

I've always been the one who..hmm i considered a bit isolated among my siblings. i dont know whether it is due to the nature of the middle child. but, i think when i asked around, its almost the same. middle child is the one who'll be a bit left out among the family. he he he. So i always had the tendency to express everything in that silly little book.

I giggled a lot as i started reading it back. Thinking of how fast the time flies and i was surprised seeing how many entries i've written. Poor Mimie and Mat (my youngest siblings) . I think they were among the top list that I mentioned in the diary. Not good stuff, but the opposite. :p Sorry my dears. I love you both. Masa kecik2 kan..still dumb2 :P

And then there was one entry which i wrote, that made me laughing hard. At that time i think i had silly argument with my dad, and i expressed everything in that book. and here i excerpted some line

"i dont really like papa 100%, but since he's my only dad, i will love him forever"

Can u imagine? hahaha..and now the diary is with me. Im not gonna let anyone read it unless with my permission :P But seriously, i'm glad i found it back. At least it brings back great memories. :) and now Mat even gave me new nickname.. "IDD" which equals to "Ilah Dear Diary" brengset!! :P

U nak tengok ke how does it look like. i took some shots on it as below.
Can't wait to go back to my hometown again. I missed my home! tsk!
Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims...


marlyn said...

IDD. hikhik(=

elixa said...

Ilah dearie..I love this post so much...well, aku pun suke tulis diari time skolah dulu and u r true..bile bace balik mmg memalukan..hihih

anyway, selamat berpuase yek ilah..have a bless Ramadhan :-)

nieja said...

diary ija dlu pon ilang
malu2 kalo jumpo..whahaha..

mesti byk ngumpat psal mimie
sbb berebut barbie

bestnyo bukok poso ramai2..

Azzril Zolhaili said...

I couldnt be in love with you :p

Miss Ilah said...

marlyn:siot kau

yanie:haha thanks yanie. kau tak tau malu tauuu orang baca especially orang yg kena ngumpat tu. hehe
selamat berpuasa and hari raya to u too darlin

nieja:tu la ing.banyaok lagi ngumnpat buke setakat berebut barbie jah! hahahaha..jeles ke buko poso ramai2?? :P

honey:what do u mean honey? u nk baca x diary i? :P

nieja said...

jeles la..

aboy said...

"dear diary. hari ni saya tak puasa.
gi minum dalam bilik senyap2.
nasib papa tak masuk bilik."


tolong la simpan baik2 diary tu.
kalau ade org lain jumpa, temptation nak baca sangatla tinggi. ngeee.

Anonymous said...

updates plissssssssssssssssssss

haneebee said...

Babe, need your help here.. =)

Kak Haneem

elixa said...

Ilah sayang...selamat hari raya Aidilfitri..Maaf zahir & Batin..Have a safe journey ya! :-)

Miss Ilah said...

anonymous : sorry long time no update. im back in hometown and didnt bring my notebook.teruk kan :P

kak haneem : kak haneem!! naper?? anything?? hehe

yanie: selamat hari Raya to u too darling.maaf banyak2 k :)

IkraamTorres said...

salam raya =)